Tomorrow magazine - issue 1 (en anglais)

01/01/15 / Entreprise

Tomorrow magazine - issue 1 (en anglais)

Janvier 2015


Have you been mobile yet today – on a bike, train, plane, bus or in your car? If so, then welcome to the world of Schaeffler! More than likely, one of the vehicles you use is equipped with products of the Schaeffler Group. While many of these components may be very small, they do play a key role in any application. Some of our innovations have even been in use for decades. But we’d like future generations to continue to benefit from our know-how. That’s why, today, we’re already working on ‘Mobility for Tomorrow.’

Mobility is a basic need – for all of us – like eating, sleeping and breathing. Mobility in all its facets is the focal topic of the Schaeffler technology compendium you’re holding in your hands.

Mobility is part of our lives. It’s shaped by many factors and is equally diverse. While in western industri-alized countries traveling by air ... [téléchargez en pdf pour lire la suite !]