Tomorrow magazine - Issue 3

02/03/15 / Entreprise

Tomorrow magazine - Issue 3

Mars 2015


The world is on the move. We all are, in fact. And the pace seems to be picking up. This is also evident in our technology magazine ‘tomorrow.’ The first issue was published in the spring of 2015, and now you are holding the third edition in your hands. In this issue, we once again shine the spotlight on ‘mobility for tomorrow.’ For good reason.

We are convinced that efficient ‘mobility for tomorrow’ is a critical component in satisfying the growing needs of an expanding world population in moving towards more growth and prosperity. As one of the world’s leading automotive and industry suppliers, we feel it is our task to help fulfil the growing need for mobility without compromising the environment. Our employees around the world all work towards achieving this by coming up with ideas, solutions and products towards ‘mobility for tomorrow.’ You can read about the work they are doing, for instance, in texts on the concept car ‘efficient future mobility China,’or in our venture into the field of ‘micro mobility.’ These are just two examples of many.

Nevertheless, the challenges we face are far from solved. You can also read ... [téléchargez en pdf pour lire la suite !]